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New Beat Student Awardees

We are pleased to announce the following recipients of the “New Beat: international student concours” 2011 Awards. These awards are sponsored by N.P.O. International Textile Network Japan Award and by Barbara Shapiro to recognize outstanding achievement; they are accompanied by a cash gift. See photos of the installation here

Congratulations to you all!


Gold Award (1) (x RMB5000)
Guoxiang YUAN of Hong Kong for “X=Y+tt”

(pictured above)

Silver Awards (2) (x RMB3000)
Mustafa KULA of Turkey for “Rusted Love”
Upasana DIVAKAR of India for “Punched Monologue”

Bronze Awards (5) (x RMB1000)
Kircher, Mary of USA for “The Storm”
Yunwei Zheng of China for “Xie Hou邂逅”
Mariko KOBAYASHI of Japan for “God of Fox”
Asumi HASEGAWA of Japan for “Fossils”
Harrison JOHNSTON of USA for “Functional Origami Style”

Barbara Shapiro Awards (4) (xUSD 100)
Shou DEGUCHI of Japan for “Bosa Bossa (Circle)”
Shoji FUJII of Japan for “Go Wild! Go Intelligent!”
Mustafa KULA of Turkey for “Rusted Love”
Cristina CONKLIN of the United States for “Ancestor”

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