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“SLOW. useless” featuring works by Padmaja Krishnan

“SLOW. useless” — an exhibition and trunk show at the Vermillion House in Bangalore featuring the always beautiful and thought provoking works by textile/fashion designer Padmaja Krishnan. We’re sorry to have missed this show but undoubtedly it was a success. If you’re not familiar with Padmaja’s designs or her ethos, she is not to be overlooked. Check out her blog, Transit Design

To relook at all that’s useless and discarded, to choose techniques that are slow and not fully controllable, to look for effects in defects, to find the weakness of the machine, to use repeats that are bigger than the field of vision or just to cheat the unsuspecting eye are some of the ways  Padmaja uses to break the tedium of mass manufacture and to create subversive, avant garde clothing that can be labeled classic and quirky at the same time.

wild silks: khadi linens: malkha cottons: kosa saris redefined as asymmetric tunics: kaantha scraps: hand sewn techniques: rags: deconstructed skirts, seamless jackets, classic kurtas, hand woven men’s pants

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