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Happy Year of the Ram! 3 New Items on Slow Fiber Studios SHOP!

Happy Year of the Ram everyone! May this year be a little slower and more relaxing in comparison to the whirlwind of 2014, Year of the Horse.

To celebrate this year of slow fiber and slow craft, we would like to share 3 publications just newly added to our online shop, published in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

1. Ming Pao Weekly Magazine: Gambiered Silk – We are offering a copy of the magazine (published in Hong Kong) with an article on Chinese Gambiered silk, outlining the history, the process, and it’s contemporary application today in Fo Shan and Shun De, China. Included with the article are beautiful photographs and illustrations highlighting the few studios and workshops which still produce the deep brown “xiang yun sha.”(香云纱) featuring interviews with makers, designers, and students of Jin Ze Arts Centre. Each copy includes THREE gorgeous samples of different types of gambiered silk. Text in Chinese.

2. Chinese Knotting Technique Book – Learn how to create hundreds of variations with these step by step instructions on various Chinese knotting techniques, with beautiful hand drawn illustrations and photographs. Text in Chinese.

3. Jiaxie: Chinese Carved Board Clamp Resist – Published by Han Shen in Taiwan, this book contains beautiful illustrations and photographs explaining the process of “jiaxie,” also known as “carved board clamp resist,” still practiced in parts of China today. Step-by-step images of the clamping and indigo dyeing process, explaining how it is done. Examples of both rare contemporary and historical pieces are included. Text in Chinese.

For more information, and even more slow fiber items, visit us at our shop!

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