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Celebrating the visual languages of PEOPLE, COMMUNITY, CULTURE, and ENVIRONMENT through the global practice of resist-dye traditions and innovations, keeping in mind authenticity, reciprocity, and networking.

Workshop: Mo Kelman – Shibori and Sculpture

Workshop: 7 Bamboo Scarves: Shibori and Painting 

Date:  May 23 – 25, 2015

Location:  Snow Farm, Williamsburg, MA

Make 7 beautiful hand-dyed bamboo scarves in this three day immersive workshop! Start with Japanese Itajime shibori to produce bold patterns and move on to the exciting Arashi “pole” shibori  to create the ‘wind-driven’ rain effect. The workshop also covers hand painting techniques to add nuance and depth to your creations.

Sign up for this workshop here. (Click the underlined)

Sample work from the shibori workshop

Photo of sample work, courtesy Maureen Kelman

Workshop: Skins and Skeletons: 3-D Textile Constructions and Illuminated Forms

Date: July 30 – August 2, 2015

Location: Snow Farm, Williamsburg, MA

My sculptures are tensile structures, seeking a point of balance that is tentative, a state of tension that is temporary – Mo Kelman

Play, experiment and improvise with reed, rattan, wood and wire to make breathtaking sculptural structures! This 4-day intensive workshop covers various lashing techniques and chaotic plaiting. It also explores various approaches to building skins onto these structures using gut, rice papers, elastic fabrics, nets, and wax. You have the option to produce purely sculptural structures and vessels, or prototypes for future studio work, or wire and illuminate one of the forms.

Sign up for this workshop here. (Click the underlined)

Textile Constructions and Illuminated Forms by Maureen Kelman

Skins and Skeletons, Maureen Kelman

 3-D Textile Constructions and Illuminated Forms by Maureen Kelman

Skins and Skeleton, Maureen Kelman


About the artist

A recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, sculptor Maureen Kelman has showcased her work in more than 50 exhibitions globally. Kelman is a professor of art at the Community College of Rhode Island and has taught numerous classes and workshops at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Snow Farm, Massachusetts College of Art and RISD. Want to know more about Maureen Kelman and her work? Just click here.

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