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Workshop: 2D to 3D – Folding, Pleating, Sublimation Printing on Polyester

Learn techniques for folding and printing polyester that fashion designer Issey Miyake has explored in his work!


Date: 19, 20 March 2016  | 10am to 4pm

Location: 1825, 8th Street, Berkeley, California

Telephone: +1.510.527.3432

Workshop Fee: $225 + a $25 materials fee.

Visit < here > to register for the workshop.

Featuring Elisa Ligon and Yoshiko I. Wada, the workshop will cover techniques for folding, stitching, pleating and sublimation printing polyester with disperse dye that designers such as Issey Miyake and Junichi Arai have explored in their work.

Explore the art of folding paper to create pleating patterns for fabric, including making an origami scarf shown on the poster.  Bennett Dubiner and Margo Wecksler will assist with precise and efficient folding techniques.  The students will make a set of pleating patterns with brown paper; stitch on marked fabric to create complex folds; and manipulate disperse dyes to create unique printed images.

Bring your lunch and the following materials: paper and fabric scissors, large eyed needle and upholstery thread, ruler, and if you have, a scoring tool, fugitive maker or charcoal for fabric, iron, and small ironing board.

About the Instructors:

Elisa Ligon is a textile artist who lives and works in San Francisco, California.  At San Francisco State University, she studied shibori techniques with the artist Ana Lisa Hedstrom.  Elisa went on to develop her own folding and stitching techniques, for which she has become known.  Her work has been exhibited internationally and was featured in Memory on Cloth: Shibori Now by Yoshiko I. Wada. Elisa will show some examples of her work, and will be sharing insights and special techniques in designing patterns for 2D-3D transformation, pleating with stitches, and heat setting polyester and silk.

Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada, founder of Slow Fiber Studios, has been associated with Japanese designers including Issey Miyake, Yoshiki Hishinuma, Junichi Arai, and Reiko Sudo who have revolutionized fashion and textile designs using natural and synthetic materials combined with low and high tech processes. Yoshiko’s interest in tradition and innovation led her to research shibori in a contemporary context, focusing on the essential aspect of shibori which is dimensional transformation and memory on cloth. In this workshop she is creating a platform for exploration of sublimation printing on polyester, which requires a high temperature, thus breaking the hydrogen bond in polyester to memorize the shape.

Margo Wecksler has been folding paper since she was eight.  More recently, she has developed an interest in dimensional transformation from 2D to 3D.  “It’s a thrill to take it one step further, from paper to cloth and then transformed through heat and pressure into something new!”

Bennett Dubiner’s interest in origami has gradually led him to the work of Paul Jackson who is a master of sculptural paper folding, and whose ingenious creations exemplify this transformation of planar materials into 3D objects of art. “Applying the same techniques to fabric, which is more versatile and flexible, allows movement and light to interact with the folded shapes. It’s a revelation to me.”

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