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Workshop Wrap Up :: 2D to 3 D – Shibori and Sublimation Printing

At the Slow Fiber Studio workshop held over the last weekend, students had the unique opportunity to try several transformative techniques that combine shibori and sublimation printing. Dye-sublimation printing is a process that emerged in the late 1950’s as a way to get fast results with color and pattern on polyester.

At the workshop, instructor Yoshiko Wada introduced the underlying technical concepts by visually showcasing several samples of Issey Miyake and Ana Lisa Hedstrom that exemplify this process.

In addition, workshop co-instructor and textile artist Elisa Ligon talked about her work in 2D-3D transformation space and pleating with stitches.  Her signature stitching patterns and techniques were also discussed and shared with the class.

Specialised patterns and effects on fabric can be achieved through a combination of folds, pleats, stitching and threads or textures which resist the sublimation dye transfer. On Day 1, participants experimented with Tsunami A, a technique developed by Hiroko Suwa.

The Origami folding technique, made popular by Nuno Corporation,  was also explained in detail using paper origami pleat forms.

On Day 2, the participants got the chance to add a touch of gold and silver to their project pieces using heat, adhesive, and metallic foil.


For  those who would like to try these techniques but can’t make it to a class, Memory on Cloth  provides a great alternative resource. The book not only encompasses fabric design, wearable art and fashion, and textile art or various sculptural forms but also provides information on the techniques mentioned in this article.

Photo Courtesy : Cate Markey, Sarah Chu, Peggy Osterkamp, Anu Ravi

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