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Slow Fiber Studios India Program

As a visitor to a foreign country, how do you overcome the inability to see a place from more than one perspective? At Slow Fiber Studios, we aim to answer this question.

This year, our travel program to India threaded together authentic experiences not only in different histories and practices of textiles, but in architecture, design, ecology, cuisine, and culture. Viewing the architecture of Delhi through the beauty of Sufi poetry, connecting the practice of Vriksha Ayurveda with the cultivation of organic cotton, or pairing the art of split ply weaving with the aromas of a home cooked meal were woven together to create a unique itinerary.

SFS emphasized engagement beyond the surface of touristic experience through personalized walking tours with professors, hands-on workshops with artisans, intimate dinners with friends, and visits to small studios with designers. Participants delved into a range of subjects which included khadi, organic cotton farming, shishah embroidery, Gujarati appliqué, natural dyeing, traditional cotton warp sizing, hand loom weaving, the sari and contemporary art and installation. Rather than only taking home material treasures, participants collected personalized knowledge to enhance their own craft, agriculture, design and dye practices. Most importantly, our participants were educated by and introduced to people who not only sustain traditions and practices, but who also innovate them.

If you are interested in joining us for a Slow Fiber Studios international programs in the future, please visit our website here.

Want to see more? Photos here on our Flickr

If you have attended a Slow Fiber Studios programs and would like to share your photos, you can post on our World Shibori Network Facebook page, and tag us (@worldshiborinetwork)

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