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Visiting Yoshiko Jinzenji’s Studio in Hiei Daira, Japan

Hello! My name is Eric. I’m the newest staff member at the World Shibori Network in Berkeley, CA, which is affiliated with Slow Fiber Studios™, and I’m a recent graduate from UC Davis and am very interested in textile design and natural dyes. Working for WSN & SFS is the perfect situation for me, since I learn something new relating to my interests just about every day. I consider myself very lucky! I’ve been tasked with reviving the blog section on the WSN site, so please come back. Let’s see if I can keep up a rhythm of twice a month to give you more posts!


Me in the garden behind the famous Takeda House in Arimatsu, Japan.


This past September Yoshiko I. Wada, founder of Slow Fiber Studios and president of World Shibori Network, invited me to join the final Slow Fiber Studios study tour and assist her with tour management tasks. This trip was my first time travelling outside the US. It was an amazing opportunity for me to branch out, to meet so many new people and experience a different culture.


During the trip, we visited Yoshiko Jinzenji, at her studio in the Mount Hiei region above Kyoto, called Hiei Daira. The two Yoshikos have been friends since the 1980s. Yoshiko Jinzenji is one of the foremost quilt artists in the world. To see her studio firsthand was an honor and a treat. The tour members and I were able to view a variety of her finished quilts and homeware pieces (some made from fabric designed by Junuichi Arai!) and yardage with her printed designs. After giving everyone enough time to ogle her collection of textiles, ceramics, and art objects, Yoshiko Jinzenji conducted a personal tea ceremony based on her extensive study of teas.

With this personal tea ceremony Yoshiko Jinzenji wrapped up the entire experience of the Japan tour.  Being welcomed into her studio and treated with such hospitality was a wonderful experience. This Sunday 01/19, Slow Fiber Studios is fortunate to offer a similar experience with Yoshiko Jinzenji. She will host an impromptu afternoon tea with us at our Slow Fiber Studios Annex in Berkeley and talk about her work on bamboo dyeing and quilt creation.

Next we will hear from Gao Yu, our international intern from Beijing, whose company I have been enjoying for the past month. He is an ethnic textile researcher who accompanied Yoshiko Wada’s field trips in China and India. His topic will be Han Text in Ethnic Textile & Indigo Work Clothing in Zhejiang, China.


For more information, visit this link

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