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We get a lot of the same questions in our InBoxes. Mostly, they have to do with traveling to Japan (where to go? what to see?), acquiring shibori tools, or information about any upcoming classes. Hopefully this page will answer what’s on your mind. We will continually update this page. Remember to check back.


Q: Are there any upcoming shibori classes or study programs? I’d love to learn more.

A: For upcoming classes taught by an array of respected shibori and textile artists, check our blog. Members of our shibori community often send in their announcements to us, which we happily post. For specialized study tour programs, visit Slow Fiber Studios website or Natural Dye Workshop.

Shibori Practice?

Q: I’ve been looking for shibori tools. Do you have any I can purchase or know where I might find them?

A: Occasionally, Yoshiko will hand-carry some after a trip to Japan. If she happens to have some available, they will be on offer through the Slow Fiber Studios Shop (or, if limited, exclusively to WSN web members).