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Celebrating the visual languages of PEOPLE, COMMUNITY, CULTURE, and ENVIRONMENT through the global practice of resist-dye traditions and innovations, keeping in mind authenticity, reciprocity, and networking.

Slow Fiber Studios

About SFS

Slow Fiber Studios is founded on a simple intention: to offer real-world insight into the multifaceted and holistic practice of textile-making. A program of World Shibori Network, affiliated with and, Slow Fiber Studios™ offers a forum to present lectures, demonstrations and dynamic, hands-on workshops by master artisans, artists, scholars, and specialists from diverse areas of the world where textile culture runs deep — Brazil, China, France, India, Japan, Mexico, and the UK. We are committed to providing authentic information, reciprocal dialogs, networking and building a community of like-minded people. We believe the best way to understand a philosophy is to see it being lived. Slow Fiber Studios™ gets to the heart of ‘the making of things’.


Discover the many layers of textile and craft making. Gain insight in the culture globally. Think differently about sustainability and integrity. Be inspired.

Natural Dyeing workshop with Catherine Ellis in 2019

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