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WSN Member News :: Barbara Schey recounts her 9ISS experience

Active WSN member Barbara Schey is a native of Australia and was the recipient of the country’s first ever grant for a 2-year apprenticeship with a Craftsmen in the Community – Master Weaver Erika Semler.

“Textiles are a very tactile experience for me, consequently the many ways one can manipulate the cloth in shibori techniqes to achieve new and exciting outcomes are sheer joy.  Dorset Buttons are another of my passions.”

Barbara publicity

Barbara has attended many residential courses with leading artists from all over the world, including: Clothilde Barrett; Madge Milston; Bertha Bochman; Hiroyuki Shindo; Yoshiko I Wada; Ana Lisa Hedstrom; Jim Liles; Darcie Decerberie; Shigeki Fukomoto; and the list goes on. She has also been showcased at numerous exhibitions and has won many awards including the Madge Witts Memorial Award (Pacific Festival Townsville) and the first place at Innisfail Art Show, Mareeba Art Show and the Australian Craft Show.

For 16 years, Barbara has led fellow artists on countless international textile tours to visit weavers and dyers across the globe. She has attended the ISS events in Chile, UK, Melbourne, Australia, Japan and France. Here’s the article that she shared with us about her experiences at the 9th International Shibori Symposium that was held in China last year. We hope that you enjoy it as much as we did.

Download the article < 9ISS_BarbaraSchey >

Details about the 10ISS at Mexico can be found < here >

Photo Courtesy : Barbara Schey

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