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Workshop: Japanese Quartet Workshops, Jin Ze Art Centre, Shanghai

Slow Fiber Studios (a program of WSN) is offering a rare opportunity to work with four Japanese masters at the iconic Jinze Art Centre, near Shanghai, China from 24 Dec 15 to 9 Jan 16. This unique textile program includes four distinct intensive workshops. Participants can also choose optional one-day immersive tours to appreciate local textiles and culture in nearby Hangzhou, Suzhou and Shanghai.


24 Dec – 28 Dec 2015

Dr. Yamazaki of Kusaki-Kobo Dye Studio will explore the color red in natural dyes. Dr. Yamazaki has been teaching and creating artwork with natural dyes since 1985 and has been considered an authority in this field. In this workshop, participants will examine the color red with various natural dyes including safflower, madder and lac.  In addition, over dyeing with indigo and gromwell or purple root to achieve purples may also be offered.


Dr Yamazaki; Photo Credit –  Eileen Ekinaka

30 Dec 2015 – 3 Jan 2016

Mr. Murase, of the acclaimed Suzusan design studio (Germany and Japan) will be delving into the world of shibori. Born into a family of shibori stencil making artisans (4th generation) in the traditional shibori production center of Arimatsu Narumi, In this workshop, the basics of shibori pattern and stencil making will be taught along with several shibori techniques using kakishibu (persimmon tannin), and shu liang (a root used for Chinese gambiered silk).

06 Jan – 08 Jan 2016

In this three-day workshop, scholar, educator, artist and mentor to Jin Ze Arts Centre,  Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada will explore the foundation of shaped resist textiles through the exploration of materials (polyester, wool and silk) and technique (printing, dyeing heat-setting and degumming). She will present hands-on workshops and demonstrations where participants will understand shaped resist textiles in the context of tradition, design and sustainable practice. It is encouraged for participants to bring their own work or collections for group discussion as well as personal feedback and to transform learning into creative practice.

5 Jan – 9 Jan 2016

Noted textile scholar and author Dr. Tomoko Torimaru will explore the art of meditative Tibetan tablet weaving, one of the earliest forms of warp patterning on cloth. She has spent decades with ethnic minorities in China and is the author of several books studying the traditional techniques of the Miao people, such as indigo dyeing, embroidery and weaving. She holds a PhD in ancient tablet weaving from Donghua University in China.


Workshop details available < here >

2 comments on “Workshop: Japanese Quartet Workshops, Jin Ze Art Centre, Shanghai

  1. Coqui
    30 July 2016

    Why is there a nazi swastik image in one of his picture?

    • WSN
      5 August 2016

      Hi Coqui, the swastika is an ancient symbol used in many different religions and art traditions throughout Asia (and the rest of the world).

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